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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Warp Starfield

Demo for HTML5.  Author Remarks, by Kevin Roast. "The JavaScript code is only 1007 bytes in length! Which is pretty impressive, or at least I thought it was until I saw some of the later entries in the competition managing to perform pretty much anything you can imagine in 1K and making this feel rather simple in comparison, bah. But hey it still looks nice.
Move the mouse to change the center of the field and for extra fun use the mouse wheel to control warp speed!!
Now pretend you *are* captain of the Enterprise"

Asteroids - Game

An updated version of the classic Asteroids arcade game from 1979. Featuring ray-traced modern graphics and "retro" glowing vector graphic modes, exciting powerups, high scores and green glowing lasers oh yes. Featured on wired, you can also download the JavaScript source code. Designed by by Kevin Roast.

Arena5 - Game

Designed by Kevin Roast. It's more than a little "inspired" by Geometry Wars and similar. A good test of canvas performance as it hits the browser hard with lots of glow effects and particle explosions. Works best in Chrome and Safari, FireFox4 and IE9 struggle a bit with the shiny effects.

Muchmala beta Massively Multiplayer Online Puzzle

Muchmala, The unusual jigsaw puzzle you can play with your friends online. The difference form the usual jigsaw puzzle is that all pieces are initially collected but they are set to the wrong place. Swap pieces to set them to theirs right place. Credits Serge Borbit. Info panel. Puzzle statistics, leaders board with online/offline indicator, your score and your name as a button that shows a dialog window for changing the name. Also there are three small icons: first icon opens "how to play" info, second targets to the idea.informer and third is puzzle's Twitter. By clicking on "Muchmala" the puzzle menu will be opened.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Google Pacman Play it Online

The classic Pacman Game Recreated by Google as a part of a playable doodle. Now available as a game.

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